Welcome to Adams Acupuncture Family Care

You are likely visiting this site because you’re interested in improving your health. If so, we can help you to live healthier, pain-free lives.

Together as husband and wife co-founders of Adams Acupuncture Marin Family Care we have successfully treated people just like you: people with pain, people suffering with allergies, serious internal conditions, migraines and stress-related disorders.

We’ve also treated many healthy people who are suffering from a sports-related injury, or simply need a wellness tune-up. We are excited about helping you live a healthier, pain-free life. We are not simply satisfied fixing you and sending you on your way.

Rather, we are committed to not only providing effective, high-quality healthcare, but also helping you develop fun, and easy to integrate tools to maintain your own wellness.

Providing effective treatments, long-term solutions, and helping you integrate healthy ways of living, forms the foundation from which we’ve structured our practice.

Our Approach

Fundamental to Adams Acupuncture Family Care is the idea that all our patients are unique. As such, we tailor treatments based on the features of the patient in front of us–not just some protocol out of a book.

Merging East and West: We have developed our own modern, clinically refined therapeutics, rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. However, If you come to us with a Western diagnoses, we can easily coordinate it with our Chinese medical perspective. We often work in tandem with surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists and other practitioners.


In order to promote the greatest long-term success, we tailor simple and easy-to-integrate stretches, dietary recommendations and other lifestyle suggestions specifically for you.

Joseph and Elise Adams

We were both introduced to Oriental medicine at an early age. This shared experience was one of the factors that brought us together. Subsequent to receiving Masters Degrees in Oriental medicine, we trained intensively with masters who helped to cultivate our expertise and clinical focus.

Together we share in a desire to provide wholsome Family care. You may access more information about us on our bio pages.


Adams Acupuncture Marin Family Care specializes in family and internal medicine, acute and chronic pain, women’s health, pain management, rehabilitative medicine, disease prevention, oncology support, and rejuvenation therapies. We except Insurance and can check your eligibility.

Partners in Your Healing

There is no greater force for change than people inspired to live a better life. The power to change your life lies in the simplest of steps.

Give us a call–we look forward to partnering with you to improve your health.

The World Health Organization, (WHO) recognizes acupuncture and traditional Oriental medicine’s ability to treat over 43 common disorders.